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take back your power + attract the love you deserve.

🖤  Sick of feeling lonely + unhappy?

🖤  Struggling to move on from your ex?

🖤  Lacking in self-esteem + confidence?

🖤  Stuck in a cycle of unfulfilling relationships?

Are you..



hello there!

I'm Dulcie, a Sex and Relationship Therapist.

Qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) + EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, and Transformational Coach.

I support women to heal + take back their power after Heartache.

Imagine yourself 10 weeks from now, free from pain + living fully in your power. How would that feel? This is your chance to break the cycle of failed relationships and invite in LASTING love. My clients leave with an unshakeable confidence and ability to attract everything they want in life - including the right partner. 

(.. which means no more avoidant + emotionally unavailable time-wasters.. hoorah!) 

You are in safe, professional hands.

The 10 week Heartache to Happiness Programme is completely unique and incorporates the above scientifically-proven healing practises to soothe the nervous system and reprogram old limiting beliefs + habits that have been holding you back at a cellular level. These tools ensure we rewire both the body + brain for success.

For I too have been devastated by Heartache.

During my Divorce I had never felt so lost and alone. I spiralled and my heart

broke into a million pieces.. but here's the thing, through that darkness rose an incredible strength. Finally.. after one deep journey of self-discovery + one toxic rebound later.. I remembered WHO THE FCUK I WAS! My inner Goddess roared loudly within, never to be silenced again.

You needn't do this alone.

It may feel impossible to believe right now.. but the fact that you're here, on this page, is the first step toward not only surviving - but thriving - throughout this next chapter of your life. The time for YOU is NOW!

True Love awaits 🧡 

Click the link below and let's discuss how best I can serve you. A phone-call costs nothing.

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happy clients


"I can honestly say that I have become the best version of myself all thanks to Dulcie! Her openness and honesty about her own life/relationship experiences have helped me to have more emotional maturity in my 20s than I ever thought I'd have. I can now communicate a lot better with partners and even encourage them to think about why they may act certain ways in relationships too, which has led me into now being in one of the best and most communicative relationships I've been in! I can't recommend her enough, she'll make you feel like your best self and set you on the path to better relationships, no matter what heartache you've been through!"

Jamie, Film Producer

"I’ve been working with Dulcie for some months now and can honestly recommend her to anyone who is looking to build confidence back in themselves, since working with Dulcie my self confidence has dramatically improved, where previously I wouldn’t of felt good to meet new people and experience new things, I have now be able to do so! Her personal approach helps you explore new avenues that you wouldn’t of considered yourself and really gets into the details to better yourself."

Emma, Head of Recruitment 

"Dulcie’s been my coach for the last 3 months - she’s such an easy person to talk to and her methods for making life-changing plans are great. I highly recommend working with her if you're looking to overcome conquer fear and make significant changes in your life!"

Chrissie, Teacher